Top 3 Filipino Travel Blogs to follow

In today’s world, there are a lot of people who want to travel around the world. They want to experience a new culture, meet new people, and try new adventures. Some people already started traveling and they are making their own travel blogs just to share every adventure that they have experienced.

There are many incredible Filipino bloggers who make incredible blogs. These bloggers helped a lot of people because of their astounding travel tips and guides. So let’s take a look at the top 3 Filipino travel blogs that are worth reading.

3. Two Monkeys Travel Group

The Two Monkeys Travel Group was created by Mr. and Mrs. Howe. A traveling entrepreneur couple who started traveling in April 2013. They have traveled to all 7 continents and over 70 countries.

Mr. and Mrs. Howe share every travel experience on their Two Monkeys Travel Group blog like travel destinations, itineraries, staycation, and lifestyle. They try to inspire other people who want to travel and explore the world.

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Two Monkeys Travel Group

2. I am Aileen

Aileen Adalid started traveling around the world at the age of 21 after she quit her corporate job in the Philippines. She followed her dreams and is now a successful digital nomad. She is not only a blogger but also an online entrepreneur, writer, and vlogger.

Aileen keeps inspiring people through her life experience and travel adventures. She writes articles about travel hacks, tips, guides, and recommendations to share and help other travelers.

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I am Aileen

1. The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler is one of the most successful travel blogs in the world with more than 600k followers on Facebook. Vins Carlos and Yoshke Dimen created The Poor Traveler to help and provide tips to other travelers.

Before they became a full-time traveler, they started as a regular employee who could only travel on weekends and holidays. They started their travel journey with a lot of mistakes. Wasted a lot of time and spent a lot of money. And now, they want to help and provide budget travel tips for other travelers to have an excellent travel experience.

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The Poor Traveler

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